A Guide to Endless Backyard Adventures

A Guide to Endless Backyard Adventures

If you’re a busy parent on a budget with bored children, you’re not alone. We're in the trenches with you. And while we don’t have a handbook on how to solve all parenting woes, we do know that it's possible to kick your kids' boredom to the curb with a new ActivPlay Playground set.

Comprised of the jungle gym base and any combination of the six exciting accessories including the hanging bridge, monkey bars, jungle line, swing set, platforms, and slide, the ActivPlay modular playground allows you to create a unique playset tailored to your space and preferences. Made from powder-coated steel, this is playground that doesn't require any yearly maintenance. See, we told you we understand that you're busy! Invest in an ActivPlay playground once and it will last for years to come. Sounds awesome, right? But where do you begin? If you’re new to the world of ActivPlay, it’s normal to need some help navigating, so let us guide you to choose the right ActivPlay playground for your family.

  1. Measure

Here's how it works: First, Measure your space. Before diving into the world of backyard fun, take some time to measure your outdoor area to ensure you have enough room for your new playground. Depending on your available space, you may need to configure your playset in a certain way, so it’s important to note these measurements.

  1. Make Your Choice

Next, pick your modules. The hanging bridge, monkey bars, jungle line, swing set, and the slide all connect to the Jungle Gym base via universal fit connection points, so you can attach them on any point you’d like on the jungle gym. The play platforms are the most unique module, designed to be easily placed on nearly every plane of the jungle gym bars to create various climbing challenges. With six different accessories to choose from, you have the freedom to mix and match to create the ultimate play experience for your kids. Do you have littles who would just adore having a slide? Do you have rambunctious kiddos who would thrive on the challenging jungle line? Got two kids who just absolutely refuse to share? Get TWO monkey bars accessories if that's what floats your boat. Think about what modules your family would love the most, but also consider which ones would fit in your backyard space the best. The possibilities are endless with our modular jungle gym system.

  1. Purchase

Once you've selected your desired modules, it's time to pull the trigger. Simply head to our website to place your order. You’ll get free shipping! Our user-friendly purchasing process ensures a seamless experience from start to finish, so you can focus on the excitement of creating your backyard playground.

  1. Assemble

After your order arrives, it's time to assemble and configure your playset. Don't worry, we've made assembly easy with step-by-step instructions included in the product manual. We even have assembly videos available if you’re more of a visual learner.

  1. Play

Now that your new playground is ready to go, get ready for endless hours of outdoor fun and adventure! Watch as your kids swing, climb, and slide their way to unforgettable memories right in your backyard. You won't need to hear choruses of "Mom, I'm bored! There's nothing to do" ever again!

In addition to providing endless entertainment for your little ones, outdoor play has numerous benefits for their physical and mental development. From improving coordination and strength to fostering creativity and imagination, the ActivPlay Modular Jungle Gym encourages active play and exploration, helping your kids thrive both indoors and outdoors.

So why wait? Take the first step towards creating the backyard of your dreams with the ActivPlay Modular Jungle Gym System. Explore our range of accessories, choose your modules, and get ready to embark on a journey of outdoor fun and adventure with your family. And we know that when it comes to kids, nothing ever stays the same, so you can always add more accessories onto your Jungle Gym later on as your family grows. Now mix, match, play!

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