Our Top 5 Favorite Playground Configurations

Our Top 5 Favorite Playground Configurations

It can be nice to have a lot of options, but sometimes decisions become overwhelming! So if you’re someone who gets decision paralysis just choosing what to eat for dinner, then this blog is for you! With seven different ActivPlay modular playground components – jungle gym, slide, platforms, swing set, monkey bars, jungle line, and hanging bridge – there are endless different playground configurations! You can’t go wrong with any setup you choose, but each component promotes different types of play and physical development, so there might be a configuration that best suits your lifestyle. Read on to discover some of our favorite configurations!

#1: The Base Camp Kit, best introductory equipment
Components: Jungle gym, slide, swing set, platforms
An ideal configuration, the Base Camp playground kit is best suited for those who feel like they don’t know where to start when it comes to choosing playground components. The kit is already bundled together for sale on our website with everything a family needs to kick off a well-rounded ActivPlay experience. With components for sliding, climbing, swinging, and imagining, there’s a little bit of fun for everyone!

#2: The Classic Playground, best for nostalgic parents
Components: Jungle gym, slide, swing set, monkey bars
When you envision a classic playground, this configuration is exactly what you’re thinking of! Dubbed the Classic Playground, this configuration is full of components that are oldies but goodies. These components focus on traditional playground play and speak to the heart of nostalgic parents who want to relive their childhood memories with their kids. The jungle gym stands at the heart of this setup, providing a structure for climbing, hanging, and exploring. Attach the slide, swing set, and monkey bars each to one side of the jungle gym to round it out. All together, it’s just like having the playground from your favorite neighborhood park right in your own backyard. Enjoy family fun together as you reminisce about the summers you had monkey bar blisters or spent time flying like an acrobat on the swing set.

#3: The Explorer's Island, best for imaginative play
Components: Jungle gym, platforms, hanging bridge, jungle line
We lovingly dubbed this combination of components the Explorer's Island, as these components are ideal for imaginative play and pretend adventures. Kiddos can channel their inner Nathan Drake or Indiana Jones as they explore the playground. Watch as your littles get themselves to safety over shark-infested water, traverse a rope bridge hanging over lava, or even navigate a secret enemy lair! With play platforms also included that can be moved around to create whatever adventure your kiddos can dream up, this setup fosters imaginative scenarios of adventure and exploration while promoting physical agility.

#4: The Beginner’s Playground, best for younger kids
Components: Jungle gym, platforms, slide, hanging bridge
If the last configuration sounded like too much of a challenge for your smaller kiddos, don’t worry, we’ve got options. Perfect for littles who are still learning to play, this Beginner’s Playground setup has low impact components that don’t require a ton of upper body strength. The jungle gym still offers a challenge to develop their climbing skills, but it is paired with the hanging bridge so they can practice their balance without the risk of falling far. And the slide, well, everyone knows how much toddlers love slides. Create this configuration to give your kids their first taste of playground fun.

#5: The Aerial Trail, best for the brave, active kiddos who need a challenge
Components: Jungle gym, monkey bars, jungle line
If you’ve got high-energy, athletic kids, then this might be the playground setup for your family. The Aerial Trail configuration focuses on developing children's upper body strength and confidence at heights. The jungle gym offers the initial climbing challenge, with its varied structures allowing for multiple ascent routes. Extending from the jungle gym, the monkey bars and the jungle line both challenge kiddos to traverse without touching the ground. Use this setup as a backyard obstacle course, and your daring, energetic kiddos will love to show off their skills and abilities for you! Not just for physical development, this configuration also provides children a healthy way to overcome fears of heights in a safe environment.

This list is just a few of the possible configurations that can be made with our ActivPlay playground components. We hope you can use our seven different components to create an ideal backyard playground for your family that will inspire your children to explore, imagine, and challenge themselves in a safe and engaging environment. What playground configuration will you make?

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